Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010 Gardening Season, Here We Come!!

Friends of Fodor Farms is up and running for the 2010 gardening season! The garden officially opens April 25th, but there's already been rustlings around many of the garden plots. We've all received a letter from Norwalk's Recreation & Parks Department about the progress of our garden, and below is the gist of what they reported:
  • Completion of one greenhouse, the second one will be finished by mid June and completely lit and electrified (ready for fund-raising, rental, lease, city plants).
  • Pavilion completed and lit with new benches and tables.
  • Apple orchard near completion with a variety of 35 trees in a fenced-in environment including an area for a pumpkin patch and grapes.
  • Proposals are out for the refurbishment of the Old Farmhouse with work hopefully to begin in July.
  • A 24' x 44' barn will be built (look for information on Barn Raising the end of June) in the original location of the original barn (future home for additional storage, education, cooking stations, rentals).
As an added security measure this year, (to try to avoid theft - can you believe that?!?), signs have been placed at each entrance to the gardens as well as a combination lock. The locks will be placed on the upper and lower garden gates in May. The combination can be retrieved by emailing if you have forgotten it.

We hope you enjoy your experience at Fodor Farm this season!

Stay tuned for new programs!

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