Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Takeaways from the FoFF Meeting

March FoFF Board Meeting follow up 
March 30, 2010 08:32:01 AM EDT
Hey Farmers,

Just a follow up from last week’s Board meeting and some additional items.

First, thanks to everyone for coming and participating.

Here are the Takeaways from the Meeting:

  • Shari B and Peggy M are going to cordinate the first talk—on soil
  • Bill and Heather to prepare message to farmers re: elections.   Then Rec & Parks will distribute
  • April, Leeann, Heather, Bill are making inquiries for helpers for our seniors/disabled program
  • Bronwen is available to rep FoFF at the Earth Day show at Norwalk High
  • Heather will create Plant Sale flyer with info from Shari R
  • Ann B and Jane M will create a website for FoFF
  • Frank R may have speakers for us
  • Molly is filing the CT Corp tax ($250) March 31
  • Elections are coming – get the word out

The Big News—we have a website, thanks to Ann and Jane.  Woo Hoo!

Fantastic!  Thanks Ann and Jane.

One man’s opinion—nice job on the plant sale so far.  The flyer looked great and everyone is taking turns with the maintenance. Very cool.

Members of the board met with Mike M at Rec & Parks on Friday 3/26.  Mike has agreed to find space for us to hold demos/talks. On weekdays (& eves.) we can use city hall.  On weekends he will get us space at one of the schools near FF or at the community room at the Norwalk Police Station.  So let’s move forward with that.  The more info we can provide farmers for a successful gardening season, the better.

It has been suggested that we consider adding baked goods to the plant sale and selling bottled water during some of the planting days at the beginning of the season.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM in the Community Room at Norwalk City Hall .

Bill R

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