Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This week at Fodor Farm

Fall is in the air, the leaves are starting to turn. Gardening is almost over... or is it? The garden is open still for another couple of months, and there's still time for fall crops. For things such as leafy vegetables, you still have time to get seeds in the ground. If you're interested in growing garlic, now's the time to start thinking about what type you'll want to grow. It's not quite time to plant garlic, but it's getting there, and if you're ordering seed garlic, you'll want to leave time for shipping. In the area, Reynold's sells garlic for planting, as do many vendors at the farmer's markets in the area. Don't plant garlic from your grocery store though, as those are usually treaed with chemicals to inhibit sprouting. (Same thing goes for potatoes, though those are planted in the spring only.)

Please remember to properly dispose of all diseased plant material - leaves, veggies, stems, etc. Anything that is diseased, or that you might think is diseased, must be thrown out. Fungus, mold, blight, mildew - all of these things have been seen around the farm, and they all count as disease. Also, if your plant has been infested with harmful pests, it's better to trash them rather than compost. As the pile isn't a "hot" pile, it might not kill every egg.

We have our potluck coming up this Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed for good weather. If you attend, please bring a little something to share with others. The potluck will come after our speaker this weekend, probably about noon. As previously mentioned, our speaker this Saturday - at 11am, Fodor Farm picnic pavillion - will be Linelissa Henrey, and she will be talking about organic gardening and closing your garden for the season. This will be a great time to learn a little about gardening while meeting your fellow gardeners and noshing on some tasty treats. Hope to see you there!

Thank you, and see you around the garden.

Shari Reilly

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