Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Lecture Series

Sal Gilbertie, of Gilbertie's Herb Gardens of Westport, gave vegetable gardening tips at Fodor Farms Community Garden in Norwalk on Saturday, July 17. Copies of Gilbertie's newest book were available for sale and signing at the conclusion of his presentation. The book is titled “Small-Plot, High-Yield Gardening: How to Grow Like a Pro, Save Money and Eat Well by Turning Your Back (or Front or Side) Yard into an Organic Produce Garden.” Sal's talk was fascinating...not only did he give growing tips, we also got a funny behind-the-scenes look at gardening and gardeners from a nurseryman's perspective. Be sure and check out the nursery's web site ( for a guide to herbs and listings of their great talks and workshops.

The lecture series continued on Sunday, July 18, when Colleen Plimpton -- popular garden author, coach, and lecturer -- discussed her new book, "Mentors in the Garden of Life." This very personal book is equal parts memoir and gardening guide--each chapter focusing on a specific plant and its significance in Colleen's life. Colleen's web site is and her blog is Sign up for her mailings to get handy, informative monthly reminders of seasonal garden tasks. Colleen is a regular guest columnist in the Connecticut Gardener magazine.

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  1. 7/30/10
    After working in my garden early this a.m. I wondered around a bit to admire other gardens. I was accosted without reason and very aggressively by a fellow gardener (Mr. Brautigan) with "Are you stealig from other gardens?"
    The tomatoes are doing o.k. but a bit of "social blight" seems to be getting a foothold.

    Pat Grimes