Friday, April 23, 2010

First Planting Day: April 24

The first planting day at Fodor Farm is Saturday, April 24.  Fellow gardener Peggy Minnis will be available to test your soil (pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) from 10 a.m. to 12 noon under the Pavilion.  Other members of Friends of Fodor Farm will be around all weekend to help answer questions.

!The Upper Garden Shed sustained serious damage in the recent storm and repairs have yet to be made. With thoughts for everyone’s safety, the tools are currently being stored in the Lower Garden Shed. When you are finished using the tools, please return them to the Lower Garden Shed for now.
There are lots of crops that enjoy cooler weather and will help get your garden started.  Try these favorites:
Broccoli Raab
Chinese Cabbage

It's important to remember that the first frost-free date in our area is not until mid-May. Tomatoes, peppers and other warm weather crops should not be put out until night temperatures stay in the 50s.  If you still want to put your warmer-weather crops in, you can use crop extenders like row covers or cloches to keep the plants warm at night.

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